New album   ⁄ —  Arp ZEBRA

“Magnificent. 9/10” — Future Music

“Minimalism at it’s most luxurious.” — Under The Radar

"It is truly cosmic music, that defies categorisation. ★★★★”  
Contemporary Album of the Month  — The Guardian (UK)

“A pulsing, eclectic, wonderfully breezy album of ethereal psychedelia . . . suggest(ing) an attempt to time-travel back to
the terrace of Ibiza’s Amnesia discotheque circa 1984, when ECM and krautrock fell into rotation
alongside records by Grace Jones and Wally Badarou. ” — Pitchfork

The results are as captivating as they are unique with each track a gem ...
. . . a life affirming joy from start to finish.” — Inverted Audio

“Fourth World dreamscapes, Japanese environmental ambience and
wiggy cosmic riffs . . .  Alexis Georgopoulos’ finest work to date.” 
Best Vinyl Releases This Week — The Vinyl Factory

“A landmark on his musical journey.” — Ban Ban Ton Ton

“9.5/10” — DJ

Available 22 June 2018        More Info ︎  

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